How to Install and Use CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is a superb program which you could put in on your Mac and use to wash Internet browsers, files you do not need anymore, program software, OSX attributes, etc.

Essentially, it is a tool which could assist you in maintaining your Mac organized and clean. Now’s manual is about installing CCleaner for Mac and utilizing it to get the best results.

The Way to Install and Use CCleaner to Mac in 11 Easy Steps

1. Download the App

To be able to obtain the CCleaner installation, you need to get into the Piriform site by clicking this hyperlink . As soon as you click it, the application will begin downloading automatically.

2. Run the App

When the program has stopped downloading, then start your Downloads folder and then click the file entitled CCMacSetup.dmg. This may run the app.

3. Open the App

After the program has completed installing the app on your Mac, a box will open, from which you can drag the application icon into the folder in which you keep all of your programs. That is where you will discover it from now on, and just clicking on it is going to get it to begin.

4. Open the Cleaner Icon

Now that you have clicked onto the CCleaner program, all you’ve got to do in order to begin the procedure for cleaning the Mac is click the Cleaner icon which you could find on the remaining app window.

5. Pick What You Would like to Wash

When you are on the OSX tab, then you need to pick precisely what you would like the app to wash, by checking the boxes to the various capabilities. As an example, if you would like to wash Safari, click the Apple icon which you could discover alongside it.

As soon as you click it, your Mac will display a dialog box using a few warning texts which tells you about the risks of deleting something before you are completely certain you would like to do it. After reading the warning, then click OK.

6. Open Programs

Now, it is time to start the Programs tab, where you could find all of the programs that the app can wash for you. The programs that you are likely to see here rely on the version of this software that you have simply installed onto your Mac.

7. Select Applications

Among all of the programs the CCleaner screens, you are likely to need to discover those which you want/need to wash.

8. Examine the Files and Programs

After choosing the desired programs, you need to click on the Analyze button. This button will initiate the process of assessing all of the documents and the software that you have previously chosen. Remember that based on the number of documents and programs which you would like the app to test, this procedure might take a little while.

9. Overview the Files and Apps

When the procedure is finished, the CCleaner lets you look at every individual document which it’s examined, simply to ensure you genuinely wish to have all them from your Mac.

You are likely to have the ability to review the OSX features as well as the software, which are likely to be sorted based on the class they belong to. All you need to do in order to see a listing is a double-click one of the things which you may find on the right of this window.

10. Run the Cleaner

On to the most fascinating part of the procedure, which is really cleaning your Mac by getting rid of all of the unwanted files and software. So as to do so, you need to click Run Cleaner. Since as soon as you eliminate your documents, you will not have the ability to revive them the CCleaner will alert you once again that operating the cleaner will permanently delete all the documents from the Mac. If that is what you would like, then click OK.

11. Assess the Report

Following the app cleans the documents, it will also give you a record of the cleanup, which you may review if you want.


As we hope we have managed to demonstrate in the modern manual, the practice of how to set up and use CCleaner to get Mac isn’t in any way difficult. All you need to do is follow the 11 easy steps above, and your Mac will probably be alert to unwanted files very quickly.

One thing we have to mention is that in order to have the ability to appreciate all the features of all CCleaner for Mac, you are likely to get to start an administrator account and log in using it. If you merely use it as a limited account, your Mac may block you from getting rid of specific files.

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